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The days of beach visits, family reunions and park picnics will be here before you know it, and wouldn’t you love to greet summer with a smile that’s brighter than sunshine? While caring for your teeth with routine dental visits for dental exams and cleanings will help you keep your smile and beautiful, there is more you can do to improve its appearance. By receiving professional teeth whitening, you can brighten your teeth for a dazzling smile that enhances your overall features.

Dr. Lien Ngo and our team at Brookside Dental are pleased to help you achieve your dream smile with customized cosmetic dentistry procedures, including professional teeth whitening services that can be performed in the office or at home to meet your cosmetic smile preferences. Our in-office teeth whitening can improve your tooth color in as little as one application due to the fact that we coat the teeth with a safe yet powerful whitening gel and use a special light activate the gel. This breaks down any stains or yellowed appearance darkening your teeth.

To keep your smile beautiful, it’s important to keep it healthy by practicing effective daily dental habits such as brushing and flossing your teeth every day and visiting the dentist twice a year for dental exams and cleanings. In addition, limit your intake of foods that stain teeth, such as antioxidant-rich berries and red wine, to keep your teeth white and bright longer.

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