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Fighting gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is necessary if it is threatening your smile. If gum disease is ignored, you could face tooth loss and other disastrous complications. Gum disease is overlooked by many, which causes severe problems for them down the road.

To help you avoid these problems, our dentist, Dr. Lien Ngo with Brookside Dental in Placerville, California, is here to share some information on how to fight gum disease.

Some treatments to fighting off periodontal disease include:

– Your risk for gum disease can be increased due to your diet. Avoid unhealthy products that increase your risk for dental erosion and tooth decay.
– Avoid unhealthy habits in your lifestyle including smoking tobacco or using drugs.
– Be aware that genetic markers and hormonal changes can lead to gum disease.
– Look for common signs and symptoms of gum disease so it can be treated early.
– Diabetes is a known risk factor for gum disease.
– Did you know that gum disease can arise due to dry mouth symptoms?
– Visit your dentist for an exam to detect the presence of gum disease.

By fighting off gum disease, you are protecting your teeth, smile, and overall oral health. This protection is essential to help keep your smile beautiful and healthy throughout your life. If you have other questions about your oral health or need help with gum disease, please call us today at 530-622-1987 to make an appointment. Our friendly dental team is happy to take your call and help you.