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The American Dental Association advocates an effective oral hygiene regimen based on brushing your teeth every morning and night, as well as making a proactive effort to thoroughly floss at least once each day. This helps to remove plaque, food particles, and other bacterial deposits before they can affect the health of your mouth.

If you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene practices, the chronic presence of plaque in your mouth could start to weaken your tooth enamel. This is even more likely to be an issue if you routinely consume acidic beverages, such as soft drinks, sports drinks, and some juices.

As time goes on, the wearing down of your enamel could cause a cavity to develop on one of your teeth. As this starts to occur, you might notice increased tooth sensitivity and discomfort when chewing. Some people with a developing cavity can also notice a change in the surface texture of the affected tooth.

If you have noticed a problem like this in your smile, it is still important to have the tooth examined and treated by an experienced dentist like Dr. Lien Ngo. If the area of tooth decay is still small, she might be able to repair the tooth with a simple dental filling.

Receiving a dental filling involves carefully removing any demineralized tooth enamel while also creating a healthy surface to bond the dental filling material.

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