Forget the negative hype. A root canal can save your tooth.

Pity the poor root canal. It has been the subject of jokes and the object of dental terror for years. But the truth is that with modern advances in dentistry, root canals are used to save teeth that in the past would have needed to be extracted, and they can be done without pain.

When a tooth is damaged or decayed, there is a chance that the pulp of the tooth can become infected. The pulp of the tooth is the very center of the tooth and contains the nerves and blood vessels that keep the tooth alive. However, the structure of the tooth can be saved, even if the infected pulp is removed.

girl holding an icepack to her mouthTo perform a root canal, Dr. Lien Ngo will access and remove the diseased pulp and the nerve of the tooth. Then the dentist will clean the chamber and enlarge it so that it can be filled with an alternative material. Then the she will seal the tooth. The dentist may prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication or an antibiotic. You will need to make another appointment for the dentist to check the progress of your tooth, and to talk with you about the possibility of protecting your tooth with a crown. If you experience pain, numbness or swelling, you should contact the office right away. If you are experiencing these symptoms in a tooth that has already had a root canal, you should call the office for a retreatment.

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