Dental implants are a great way to improve your smile and the health of your mouth.

Missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious in work or social situations. Without a complete smile, you may feel uncomfortable laughing, talking or smiling. However, missing teeth do more than compromise your looks. They also give plaque and bacteria extra places to hide and give your remaining teeth room to drift out of alignment. Missing teeth can also cause a loss of mass in your jawbone. To combat this, our dentist, Dr. Lien Ngo may suggest using a dental implant restoration.

girl holding a model of a dental implantUnlike other types of restorations an implant replaces your entire tooth, from the root to the crown. An implant starts with a titanium post, which is placed directly into your jaw bone. The bone grows around the post, the jaw becomes stronger and healthier, and will help make your implant sturdy. After your jaw has healed, the implant will be placed on top of the post. This may be a replacement tooth, a crown bridge or denture.

You need a healthy jaw bone and healthy gums for an implant to be successful. While most people are good candidates for implants, others may need extra procedures to add to the bone structure of the jaw or improve the gums before the implant process can start. You will need to follow your dentist’s instructions regarding dental care after your procedure, maintain good oral hygiene, and see the dentist for your regular cleanings and exams. Good oral health is important for your implant to serve you as it should.

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