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It is never too early to start taking care of your child’s mouth. Did you know that a baby is born with their first set of teeth that are just waiting to erupt? You can start your child off on a lifetime of healthy smiles right from the start by wiping their gums with a clean piece of gauze or cloth after their feeding.

child brushing teeth in dentist chairBut when should you bring your child in to see Dr. Lien Ngo at her dental office in Placerville, California? Ideally, your child’s first appointment should be within six months of the first tooth coming in, and before his or her first birthday. You are always welcome to accompany your child back to the exam room, and if your child wants, he or she can bring a favorite blanket or stuffed animal if it will make them feel better. Early and regular dental visits will help your child to develop good oral hygiene habits and positive feelings about seeing the dentist. During the appointment, we will clean your child’s teeth and our dentist will check for any potential problems. Since you child’s dental needs will change throughout his or her life, the dentist will work with you to make sure that you child is brushing and flossing properly, and on issues such as fluoride and orthodontic treatments.

Remember that you set the tone. If you are positive an upbeat about seeing the dentist, and you set a good example by brushing and flossing properly, your child will follow you lead. Brookside Dental would love the chance to partner with you for your child’s oral health. If you would like to meet our dentist or schedule an appointment, call 530-622-1987 today. We look forward to meeting you!