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Why do I need braces? My teeth don’t look bad.

The sooner an orthodontic problem is diagnosed and treated, the better. Most people think that braces are used to straighten crooked teeth and give a person a nicer smile. While that is true, orthodontics can be used to address several different problems with the alignment of the teeth and your jaw. Yes, there are esthetic reasons for getting braces, but the issues are also very much related to a person’s overall health and well-being. Those reasons include:

In this situation, the upper front teeth extend over the lower teeth, and the patient runs the risk of having their lower front teeth contact and possibly damage the roof of their mouth.

The lower jaw extends too far forward, with the lower front teeth sitting in front of the upper teeth.

Open Bite
In an open bite, the upper and lower front teeth don’t overlap. This can make it difficult for a patient to chew and may contribute to a problem known as tongue thrusting, in which the patient pushes their tongue between their teeth when they chew.

In this situation the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth. This condition can cause tooth damage, problems with the growth of the jaw and changes in a patient’s appearance.

Upper Front Teeth Protrusion
A patient’s upper teeth extend too far forward, or the lower teeth do not extend forward enough. Not only will this cause problems for a patient’s appearance but can also create issues with eating and speaking.

Unmatched Dental Midlines
The patient’s back teeth do not fit together. This can cause problems with jaw growth and function.

Yes, Brookside Dental wants you to enjoy your smile. But Dr. Lien Ngo also wants to make sure that your mouth and teeth function as they should for your overall health. If you live in the Placerville, California area, and are concerned about the function of your or your child’s teeth or jaws, call us at 530-622-1987 for an appointment.