Protect your smile when you practice or play with a custom mouth guard.

If you play any kind of contact sport, like hockey or football, chances are that your league requires a mouth guard as part of the required equipment. If you enjoy extreme sports like rock climbing, you may use a mouth guard. But the simple fact is that if you are involved in any sport or activity in which there is a chance you could sustain a blow to the mouth, you need a mouth guard. A mouth guard is especially important if you wear braces, since it will protect your teeth and your dental work. A mouth guard will also protect your tongue, cheek and gums from injury.

girl holding a mouth guardIt’s true that you can walk into any sporting-good store and most retail stores and buy a mouth guard over the counter. And that is better than nothing. But for the best protection, you make an appointment to see Dr. Lien Ngo and the team at Brookside Dental about a custom mouth guard. Our mouth guards are made from an impression of your teeth and are designed specifically to fit you, giving you the maximum protection for your smile on the field, the court, or even on the mountainside.

You’re going to have your smile for the rest of your life, and you have to much invested in it to leave it unprotected when you play or recreate. Call our office today in Placerville, California at 530-622-1987 to schedule an appointment for a custom-made mouth guard. It may be one of the most important pieces of equipment you buy.