With digital radiography your X-rays are easier and faster than ever!

You might remember the way dental X-rays used to work. You would bite down on a piece of film or hold it against the roof of your mouth while the dental assistant snapped a picture of your teeth and jaws. They were uncomfortable, sometimes painful and they may have even triggered your gag reflex. All in all, it was nothing to look forward to.

girl standing in a digital x-ray machineDr. Lien Ngo and the team at Brookside Dental have changed the dental X-ray game with digital X-rays. This process is easier and faster than traditional radiography and give the dentist a clear concise picture of your teeth and jaws. Just as your digital camera doesn’t need any film, neither do digital X-rays. That means less radiation is needed, and a more accurate picture for our dentist. It also means a better diagnosis of your problem. Digital X-rays can be used to find tooth decay, problems with tooth roots, abscesses, tumors and bone loss. The process is great for finding things such as improper tooth root positioning, and even cracks in your fillings! We can also use digital X-rays to plan things such as root canals and oral surgery.

It may seem like digital radiography is just a way to make your visit a little easier, and don’t get us wrong, it is! But it is also a way for us to get a clear, concise picture of what is happening with your mouth and jaw, and to offer you the quality dental care that you deserve. To learn more about digital X-rays, or to plan your visit, give us a call at 530-622-1987.