Dental veneers are a great for getting you the smile you want.

Accidents are a part of life, and they can affect your smile. For that matter, so can regular wear and tear. Over time, your teeth can become worn discolored, or chipped. Or in some cases, your teeth may not be shaped correctly, or they may be unevenly spaced, or they might even be the wrong size. In some instances, your tooth may be a little crooked, but not so much that you need orthodontics. In these situations, you may want to talk to our dentist, Dr. Lien Ngo about dental veneers in Placerville. California.

girl holding a dental veneerDental veneers are very thin shells, often made from porcelain. The dentist cements them over the front of your teeth to correct size, alignment or spacing issues, or to conceal damage to your tooth and to protect it. The process may take two visits. The dentist will remove a tiny bit of enamel from the tooth, and from that take an impression. That impression will then be used to craft your new veneer, which will match the rest of your smile in terms of size and color. When your new veneer is ready, the dentist will fix it in place with dental cement, giving you a smile of which you can be proud. Not only will your veneer look and feel natural, the porcelain is stain-resistant which will help maintain your beautiful grin. We can improve your smile with a single veneer or enhance each of your teeth.

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